I had the most amazing experience with Katy Movers, Inc. I can’t say enough positive about them. The sweet packers came on a Friday…ON TIME, with a smile on their face, ready to pack. I said to one, how can you do this every day…she replied, its my job and I love it. Imagine that, someone actually loving their job. We exchanged small talk but they remained busy and very professional. Then on Saturday, the Movers came…again, ON TIME! They too, very professional and friendly. No surprises in cost…it was as they quoted. I was informed along the way by the gentlemen what to expect with loading and unloading. They wrapped and double wrapped my glass table tops, they also wrapped my leather furniture….every inch of it. They left no stone unturned. When arriving at my new residence, they put everything in its place A-N-D, I repeat, A-N-D hooked up my washer and dryer A-N-D put beds together. I was so very impressed with this company and recommend to all. You will not be disappointed! Oh most importantly, NOTHING was damaged!

Ms Lakner